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The Book-Writing Rhythm

Among all those motivational quotes peppering our social media feeds, there's usually one about "finding your rhythm". Life is a bit like a song that we have to learn to play as we go along, hopefully sounding better over time. This past few weeks, I believe I have finally begun to settle into a rhythm… Continue reading The Book-Writing Rhythm

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What Do You Mean Being An Author Isn’t All About Writing?

Last week, I finished the first draft of book two in my upcoming series, The Rogue Valkyrie Series. Urban fantasy romance, valkyrie-vampire slow burn, and I hope it's as fun to read as it is to write! This is a huge milestone for me, and I might have mentioned why before now. Valkyrie Awakened is… Continue reading What Do You Mean Being An Author Isn’t All About Writing?

The Anxious Author

2 Awesome Tools For World Building – The Anxious Author

World building can be incredibly therapeutic. There's something about creating a world of our own design that can give us a sense of peace. Maybe it's the fact that we get a say over all the laws, or that we can create a cool new species of magical dog, but world building is a really… Continue reading 2 Awesome Tools For World Building – The Anxious Author

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Sequels Are Hard

Writing a series starter novel isn't easy, but it's fun. Yes, you have to make sure your grammar is correct, there aren't any plot holes, and the side character you introduced in chapter three still has blonde hair in chapter seventeen. But it's new, and exciting, and you can't wait to show everyone. Last week… Continue reading Sequels Are Hard

Reading Catch Ups

Shaking Up The Reading Round-Ups

My round ups in the last few weeks went off the rails a little. Some really historic things have happened since the beginning of the year and it seemed weird not to comment on them a little. Plus, at a time when the world feels like it's falling apart, it's important to write down your… Continue reading Shaking Up The Reading Round-Ups