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Tales of Splendania – Book Review

Title: Tales of Splendania: A Golden Wish Author: T. O. Griffiths Genre: Fantasy Rating: 4 Stars "In this ancient and mystical land, the most marvellous and dangerous magical creatures roam the lands and skies. The beautiful and valiant Princess Vanadae must find a way to protect her beloved Golden Unicorn from the most dangerous creatures… Continue reading Tales of Splendania – Book Review


YA Fantasy – End of April Giveaway

Don't get me wrong, I've been waiting for Spring since 2021 began, but I didn't believe it'd have the audacity to get here so quickly. May's a great month, on account of the warmer weather and it's my birthday month. So many reasons to celebrate! On that note, let's celebrate with a brand new YA… Continue reading YA Fantasy – End of April Giveaway


Giveaway of the YA Fantasy Variety

We're back with another Courtney Cannon giveaway and this time we have some more YA fantasy up for grabs! I'm jealous of this giveaway, as I'm based in the UK and this giveaway is only available for USA entrants. The prizes are gorgeous and there's plenty of them! Up for grabs here are four, count… Continue reading Giveaway of the YA Fantasy Variety